He has behaved ------ on many occasions, so this instance of impoliteness is hardly surprising.
Doğru Cevap: "E" inconsiderately
Soru Açıklaması
At the meeting, even though he spoke well, At the meeting, even though he spoke well, he was unable to ------ the other members.
Doğru Cevap: "B" persuade
Soru Açıklaması
The United States has long prided itself on The United States has long prided itself on being a melting pot of culturally ------ The United States has long prided itself on The United States has long prided itself on being a melting pot of culturally ------ peoples.
Doğru Cevap: "A" diverse
Soru Açıklaması
It is ------ ten years since AIDS caught the It is ------ ten years since AIDS caught the world's attention.
Doğru Cevap: "D" roughly
Soru Açıklaması
As a result of the continuing economic recession, a huge ------ in the budget seems inevitable.
Doğru Cevap: "E" deficit
Soru Açıklaması
When the rate of exchange began to rise again, he felt ------ to call a meeting of the financial staff.
Doğru Cevap: "A" obliged
Soru Açıklaması
The new ceramics, which have little in common with the chinaware we use in our kitchens everyday, are being used ------ in engines and electronics.
Doğru Cevap: "C" increasingly
Soru Açıklaması
When they called Mr. Smith to head office, I am quite sure it was not their ------ to promote him to branch manager.
Doğru Cevap: "E" intention
Soru Açıklaması
Locke Hobbes and Rousseau were Locke Hobbes and Rousseau were concerned in their writings with the question of a proper ------ between the public good and the right of individuals to exercise free will.
Doğru Cevap: "A" balance
Soru Açıklaması
If we are serious about suppressing terrorism, we shall have to ------ stronger measures than those currently in practice.
Doğru Cevap: "C" adopt
Soru Açıklaması

I am horrified at the turn things have taken and am convinced that he is ------ of much better treatment than that which he is receiving.
Doğru Cevap: "B" deserving
Soru Açıklaması
When an unknown but gifted artist is finally recognized, his paintings can become valuable ------ in the future.
Doğru Cevap: "E" assets
Soru Açıklaması
The journalists asked the Prime Minister so many questions that finally he felt it necessary to ------ the statement.
Doğru Cevap: "C" clarify
Soru Açıklaması
Geological activity in this region has produced a landscape that is at once ------ and forbidding.
Doğru Cevap: "E" rugged
Soru Açıklaması
The medieval struggle between secular and religious power came to a ------ in the 14th century with the rise of nationalism and the increased prominence of lawyers, both royalist and canon.
Doğru Cevap: "C" climax
Soru Açıklaması
It is ------ surprising that the art of ancient America remains the most mysterious and the least accessible.
Doğru Cevap: "E" hardly
Soru Açıklaması
Bartok was influenced as much by the musical innovations of Debussy and Stravinsky as by East European, ------ Hungarian, folk music.
Doğru Cevap: "B" notably
Soru Açıklaması
The argument he has put forward is hardly ------ with the information we have so far received on the case.
Doğru Cevap: "E" compatible
Soru Açıklaması
If the situation in Somalia improves, a significant part of the allied forces will be ------ .
Doğru Cevap: "B" withdrawn
Soru Açıklaması
More than 4,500 years ago, the ------- Egyptians prepared the first paper from the fibrous stems of papyrus, a grass-like plant.
Doğru Cevap: "A" ancient
Soru Açıklaması

Few, if any, of the statements made could be ------ substantiated by concrete experimental evidence.
Doğru Cevap: "E" conclusively
Soru Açıklaması
The British entry into the European Community has ------ a new line of policy.
Doğru Cevap: "D" constituted
Soru Açıklaması
Dependence by primitive humans on their environment would not have permitted them to be ------ the effects of the surrounding world on them.
Doğru Cevap: "B" protected from
Soru Açıklaması
When the world population ------ the 5-billion milestone in 1987, the United Nations estimated that it would not stabilize until the record mark was doubled late in the 21st century.
Doğru Cevap: "A" surpassed
Soru Açıklaması
At the opening night of the new production of Aida the guest soprano gave a superb, a truly ------ performance.
Doğru Cevap: "A" dazzling
Soru Açıklaması